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  • Business Innovation

    We walk you through the opportunities in your business to innovate through purpose and will create new tailor-made strategies for any of your business challenges.

  • Product (Co-) Creation

    We help you quickly & efficiently develop innovative digital and physical products that create lasting value for your business and your customers.

  • Brand Acceleration

    We design effective brand strategies based on your goals, whether you're a small company just starting out or a large organization looking to create something completely out of the ordinary.

Innovation that makes a difference in business and beyond.

We’ve spent more than a decade working for some of the world’s most prestigious brands, building innovative products and services to maximize their profits. Now we are bringing that expertise to companies who want to make a positive impact on our world.

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Our recipe for success

We put purpose as the foundation for everything we do, and it shows ridiculously good business results -- but don't just take our word for it.

  • 15,000 consumers and 600 CMOs worldwide identified “Purposeful Positioning” as the key driver of marketing success.

  • 69% of people expect business-led innovation to improve society.

  • 80% of over-performing companies said they linked everything they did to purpose , compared to only 32 % of under-performing companies.

  • Companies who incorporated strategic innovation saw EBITDA growth of 22%.

  • 2.5 times more growth occurred for brands who are perceived as having a high positive impact on people’s lives than brands with low perceived impact.


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Break away from the norm.

Feel like your teams are doing the same thing over and over? We'll show you how you can use your existing resources to create refreshingly new ideas that make extraordinary impact.

The Founders

to inspire a change in business practices
through creativity and innovation,
so that together we can create a better world.

Co-Founder / Innovation Director

Adrian Finzelberg

All my life, I've loved coming up with ideas & inventions. I see exciting opportunities where others see dead-ends. Developing unconventional solutions for global creative agencies & brands led me to the weirdest & most complex puzzles. It ultimately led me to the seemingly unsolvable puzzle: How do we save our world from problems humans have created?

I believe we all already know the solution. But to know how to get there, we need to think out of the box. My goal is to keep finding those unconventional connections and paths forward so that we can create a better, more sustainable future.

Co-Founder / Strategy Director

David Aguirre

I believe in pushing the limits of what’s possible.

For most of my adult life, I’ve explored transformative connections between technology and society, developing successful products & startups that found innovative ways to bring communities together.

In my experience, I’ve discovered that innovation can be found by thinking simpler. As disruptive as a new idea can be, it won’t have nearly as much impact if it’s built on a complex, messy foundation. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help companies and leaders develop beautifully simple strategies for implementing positive changes that have the power to create a more joyful future.