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Your transformation starts now.

80% of high-performing companies now say they link everything they do to purpose

2.5 x more growth for brands perceived as having a high positive impact on people’s lives compared to those without

15,000 consumers and 600 CMOs all identified "purposeful positioning" as the key driver of marketing success

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We made this class for YOU

In this virtual workshop,
you will learn:

  • How your business can become more flexible and adaptable to technological disruptions and transforming customers

  • How to sustainably grow profits by helping others, creating positive impact, and doing more good in the world

  • Where to find essential resources, partnerships, and organizations that will help you thrive within the new purpose-driven economy


Choose a package that matches your aspirations, goals, and budget.

Your minimum investment

Go solo through the workshop, workbook, and exercises.

Price: $995

* flexible payment plan available

Your fast-track to success

Get 1-on-1 personalized feedback from the workshop's instructors as you progress through the course.

Price: $9,500

* flexible payment plan available

Your maximum impact

Amplify your impact with a total workbook review and extra 1-on-1 time with the instructors for even more innovation insights.

Price: $35,000

* flexible payment plan available

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We're not your typical consultants.

Yes, we've worked for billion-dollar brands ― but we believe everyone can make just as big of an impact with access to the right resources.

That's why our innovation consultancy operates on a unique hybrid model, so you pay less for costly in-person meetings and, instead, get highly effective analyses and recommendations from wherever you are, whenever you need it, to get the most out of your valuable time & money.

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